What's Your Landscape Style?

Early Spring is a great time to plan and install landscaping. The first thing to do is hire a qualified landscape contractor. Are they licensed and insured? Do they have a portfolio and website? Have you seen their work? These are a few questions you should ask. Next, an appointment needs to be scheduled where needs and expectations are discussed. Budgets and time frames are also discussed. Last, decide if the landscaping is happening all at once or in several stages.

Yellow flowers blooming on tree.

What style of landscaping do you want? Personal preference and the architecture of the home play a key role here. A modern or contemporary landscape uses less plant material and is sleek with clean lines. Modern and mid-century homes look good with this landscaping. The use of rock, succulents and a fine - bladed sod are used here. Color and variety is used at a minimum. A traditional landscape has consistent layers of plants and a small amount of variety - uniformity is key here. Traditional architecture works best with this landscape. I think of many “southern gardens” when referring to traditional. A formal landscape consists of formal, manicured rows of plantings- everything is very symmetrical. This design is very organized and maintenance is very precise. This style is probably the least used in Florida since our architecture and overall style is more relaxed and casual. The tropical landscape may include many varieties of tropical plants, trees and flowers. This design is more relaxed and not as symmetric- the design may even appear “jungle-like”. This very popular style works well in Florida with many types of architecture. Also, we have many tropical varieties of plants to chose from.. I like to use a combination of styles when I design: traditional with tropical accents, the “manicured jungle” or having a different style in the front and back yard of the same house- maybe the front yard is traditional and the back yard with a pool is tropical.

Remember these key points:

  • Be sure to find a reputable landscape contractor

  • Know what you want to do with realistic expectations Budget correctly and set accurate time lines

  • Decide on your landscape “style”

  • Which amenities do you want to include?

Landscape amenities include pools and other water features, decks, interlocking pavers and landscape lighting. Remember, your home is only as beautiful as the landscaping that surrounds it!