Top 15 Landscape Mistakes

Beautiful landscape design to enhance pool privacy
  1. Failing to account for the architecture of the home.  Landscape styles must be consistent with the architecture of the home. An exception might be a tropical landscape around the pool area of a traditional house.

  2. Using the wrong size pots. Pots need to be consistent within the scale of the area they are used. I usually see pots used that are too small or too many pots altogether.

  3. Ignoring the curb appeal of the home.  Curb appeal makes a statement for your home — it’s the first thing people see and it’s meant to draw people in. 

  4. Overwatering the landscape. This includes the lawn, trees, flowers and shrubs. Overwatering is worse than under watering. In the summer months you may want to turn your irrigation system off completely.

  5. Not budgeting in advance or not having a realistic budget. Projects always cost more than you think and you may need another 30% as a contingency fund. Do the landscape design in stages —  one area at a time if needed, but do it correctly.

  6. Choosing the wrong plants. I see this all the time. You must take into consideration shade vs. sun and dry vs. wet conditions. You need the right plant in the right place or your landscape will fail.

  7. No fertilization plan. Trees, shrubs and sod need constant care and fertilization. Without a plan your landscape will not thrive. Sod also needs insect, weed and fungus control. Find a licensed spray company.

  8. Planting too deep. This is a common mistake of home owners. Planting too deep suffocates the root system of plants and trees. Always plant at grade level even with the soil around it.

  9. Buying plants on impulse. People buy plants all the time that make no sense or will be used in the wrong area. Curb your buying until a design has been formed.

  10. Too many lawn decorations. Bird baths, fountains, pots, statues, etc. should be limited in the garden. Remember, less is more and too many features make a yard look cluttered.

  11. Making patios and decks too small. A common mistake I see often — again proportion here. Always make these areas larger than you think and keep in mind where furniture will need to be placed and the space it requires.

  12. Overlooking landscape lighting. Many beautiful landscapes have no lighting and cannot be viewed at night. Most of our designs now incorporate LED lighting for nighttime viewing and security concerns.

  13. Not accounting for privacy concerns. They say hedges make great neighbors! Areas where you want privacy — bedroom windows, around the pool and hot tub and driveways need to be thought out in advance and how to make them more private.

  14. Drainage issues. Do you have wet areas in the yard? Do you have gutters that control water flow? Gutters work, use them! These areas need to be addressed so the landscaping can prosper and there is no standing water.

  15. Not hiring a landscape designer that can put a plan in motion. Make sure the contractor is qualified and can design a comprehensive plan for you and your family. I have many clients that come to me after trying to landscape many times and spending lots of money — this is why we are here!

Landscaping that enhances home privacy.

Summer Checklist

  • Before summer rains occur, water accordingly — it’s hot and dry out

  • Turn off irrigation when summer rains begin

  • Fertilizer ban is in effect from June1- October1

  • Great time to plant tropical palms and trees

  • Prepare yard for hurricane season

  • Watch sod areas for fungus and bugs — spray accordingly